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  • About Paula
    Paula believes the only thing that counts in working with an organization, team, or individual is that engagement generates behavior change allowing the people involved to be more effective in achieving their goals and working with others. She contends that learning should be fun and the key to success is an individual’s commitment to self-improvement.
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  • Testimonial
    “Paula Mulford is the most effective presenter and organizational educator I have ever experienced. She is entertaining, insightful and she makes any subject matter she presents come to life. The personal applications of the topics she teaches are as valuable as the professional. Her content is practical, reality-based and has high impact. The shelf-life of her programs is remarkable. Her energy and vivaciousness maximizes people's ability to learn and retain. I give Paula the highest recommendation.”
    -Clare Hansen-Shinnerl
    Sr. Associate Vice Chancellor, UCSF
    Previously Sr. Associate Dean, Stanford University School of Engineering
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