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“Paula has done extensive work with my team at all levels of the organization; from senior level leadership down to our customer-facing partners. Without fail, I get overwhelmingly positive feedback on her presentation, style, and content. Paula has been a key contributor to our success over the last two years and is a pleasure to work with. Every topic is an adventure and she truly delivers at every presentation. I value her impact on my organization.”
Trevor Marshall, Regional Business Director
Cintas Fire Protection

“Participants described you as ‘captivating, incredibly charismatic, dynamic, and inspiring.’ You were great, the highest rated speaker!”
Head of Programming
ASQ Annual National Convention

“For more than ten years, Paula educated thousands of MBNA, America people on life-changing time management techniques and interpersonal skills effectiveness. Who’s Who in the Zoo? is a direct, fun, and easy tool for evaluating your personal working style and of those who work with you. The more you understand individuals and their differences, the more effective you can be at driving results. Over the years, Paula’s reputation preceded her before she entered the classroom. In fact, when she was in town, it was standing room only!”
Maureen M. O’Brien
Former Senior Executive Vice President – Education
MBNA, America (Purchased by Bank of America)

“Paula’s work with the team at The Honest Kitchen has been tremendously beneficial. The insight, humor and candor with which she delivers her sessions make the message both refreshing and engaging. Her influence has allowed our staff to approach much of their work in a new way and to look at challenging situations through a new lens.”
Lucy Postins, Founder and CEO
The Honest Kitchen, Inc.

“Paula Mulford is the most effective keynote speaker I’ve seen. She is clear, direct, funny, and always, always makes her point. Paula’s audiences laugh and have fun in her presentations, but above all they come away with new ideas they can use immediately to improve themselves, their leadership and their business.” 
Joelle K. Jay, Ph.D., Leadership Research Institute
Author of The Inner Edge: The 10 Practices of Personal Leadership

“In 2014, Sonepar USA decided to launch a Mentoring Program. We partnered with Paula. She designed a day-long program that received rave reviews. It was the perfect launch pad for getting all the mentee and mentor relationships off to a great start. The content was practical, had high impact and was extremely engaging. Paula is the master at using humor to make people laugh and feel comfortable. She facilitates in a way that participants discover their own key learnings without ever being a “talking head.” Her style engages people from the start and leaves them wanting more. Paula is so easy to work with and really cares about the company vision and goals. Having Paula facilitate the mentoring session really set the program apart!”
Amanda Calvo, PHR, University Relations and Program Leader
Sonepar USA

“Paula, you probably can’t understand what a thrill it is for me to hear our team talk about their positive experience last Friday with Who’s Who in the Zoo? It is safe to say, they loved it. It brings great joy to my heart to provide this experience to our company. Without you, none of this is possible. Thank you.”
Patrick Schmidt, CEO
FFF Enterprises

One year later . . .
“Paula, as we have come to expect, you were wonderful. Our team really got excited when everyone found out you were returning by popular demand. And, that is the truth and not a cliché!”
Patrick Schmidt, CEO
FFF Enterprises

“Who’s Who in the Zoo was extremely enlightening and the fact people referenced themselves as the animals, was that much more effective. Paula hit a homerun! Once we worked through our zoological differences then collaboration picked up. The champions talked about your session the whole time!”
Managers Champion Summit of Top 50 Global Managers

“Paula is a gifted and entertaining speaker and facilitator.  Her authentic and transparent style means that participants in her programs always come away with tangible and practical steps they can use right away in their everyday lives.  A true believer that learning should be fun, Paula’s stories and exercises make you laugh while demonstrating the truth behind the concepts she is presenting.  Participants in Paula’s programs often say, “I never had so much fun, while learning so much.”
John R. Streitmatter
Director, Leadership Research Institute (LRI, Inc.)

“The program Who’s Who in the Zoo? was such a success that our employees have started explaining everything in terms of “Zoo” personalities. This in turn has increased communication among departments, as well as cooperation among employees. We are once again a unified team with a common goal. Everyone is on board today and talking about “The Team.” I cannot thank you enough for your patience and insight into breaking down the intangible barriers that existed only a few months ago.”
Bob Fagan, Former Vice President Sales
Club Med Sales, Inc.

“We are in the service business and providing our customers with what they need is the most important thing we can do. We were fortunate to have Paula Mulford present her Who’s Who in the Zoo? to our California employees. Paula is an energetic, entertaining speaker and provides a fun, easy approach to communicating more effectively with customers, co-workers, managers, family and friends. She made a tremendous impression on our employees, managers and partners and we have received sensational feedback from them. They were able to put what they learned from Paula into practice immediately, even before they left the seminar. We are continuing to hear great things from those who attended about how they have adjusted their communication style to better communicate with different people. Paula provides tools to make everyone a better communicator.”  
Kent Fruendt, Founder and CEO
The Producer’s Group

“The impact of last week’s workshop is already visible in our office. I see our staff working together on “neighborhood” and “citywide” protocols, posting their animal stickers on their name plates, and brainstorming ways to make this space really work for us. We plan on creating or ordering signage for each person’s workstation to allow them to communicate if they are available for conversation or doing heads-down work, as we received feedback that this would be particularly helpful. It’s important to note that none of these things would have been set in motion if it were not for your inspiring workshop and straightforward tools!”
Project Manager
Pacific Business Group on Health

“We love your passion, your personal touch, and the important message that you leave with us. Balancing time IS the most critical element in a fulfilling, satisfying life. And your approach to prioritizing what is truly important is inspiring. Thank you for your time and message.”
Chris Ground, Chief Operating Officer
FFF Enterprises

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