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Whos Who In The Zoo: Print Items

Prior to your scheduled “Who’s Who In The Zoo” workshop, you will need to obtain the following items and bring them to the workshop for Paula to distribute.

1. ZOOING GUIDES:  These items should be printed prior to the workshop.

2. STICKERS: These items should be ordered prior to the workshop.



These guides should be printed in color:

  1. Panther & Peacock 
  2. Owl & Dolphin
  • Please click on each link listed below.
  • Print on 60-100 pound card stock, making enough copies for each participant to receive one of each of the four guides.
  • Cut in half.



Click on each animal below to be taken to the website where these can be ordered.

  1. Owl
  2. Panther
  3. Dolphin
  4. Peacock
  • Order each sticker at least 10 days prior to workshop date.
  • Please order enough for each participant (sheets come in groups of 20) at $5.00 each
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