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Inspiring a Shared Vision*

Translating Vision into Action
Almost every organization faces the challenge of translating its vision or mission into action. A vision is nothing but a statement on a wall without inspiration. And, every leader must be inspired himself or herself to be able to inspire the people being lead. Only then can the leader talk about the vision and connect it to ordinary work tasks. This workshop is designed to motivate each participant to go back to their job wanting to inspire the troops and able to put legs on the vision.

Workshop Design
This workshop begins with the current vision statement. The purpose and importance of a vision is illustrated in several ways, including a movie clip from Elizabeth. The clip provides a good basis for group discussion of Queen Elizabeth’s vision and how it had impact.

Participants then explore the relationship of inspiration to vision, supported by a clip from a video of the “I Have a Dream Speech.”

The workshop includes an activity that will help participants identify “the top five attributes in leaders that create followership.”  This facilitated discussion ends with a research-based focus on two key leadership factors: being “forward-looking” and “inspiring.”

Leaders come away from the workshop with a deeper understanding of vision and inspiration, and they can be more effective in helping their followers relate their work to the vision.

*Note: This topic is delivered in affiliation with Leadership Research Institute (LRI).

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