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What Makes A Leader Credible?*

Credibility is One of the Keys to Leadership
Leaders are effective only to the extent that others choose to follow their lead. Leader credibility has the greatest impact on whether others will choose to follow or not. Credibility is largely a perceptual, audience-conferred phenomenon that is relatively uninfluenced by positional power. Perceptions of managerial credibility are shaped by specific managerial behaviors rather than a set of personality traits. In addition to being the leader’s source of influence over others, individual credibility also affects communication climate, work environment and individual and group productivity. Additionally, organizations are perceived as having levels of credibility.

Design of the Workshop
Research and experience have found that credibility is composed of five factors. Truly effective leaders are rated highly across all five dimensions of credibility by their followers. These five credibility factors create a person’s currency or “personal bank account” in the marketplace.

  • Competence
  • Character
  • Composure
  • Courage
  • Care for People

This workshop will address the components of credibility, providing an understanding of each dimension and instruction on how to enhance it.

Participant Response
This is one of the most popular topics regarding leadership bolstered with many compelling stories and exercises. Participants are given time to reflect. The subject matter is inherently interesting because no one is disinterested in themselves. The outcome of people experiencing this content is much more acute insight and consciousness about one’s own personal credibility.

*Note: This topic is delivered in affiliation with Leadership Research Institute (LRI).

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