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Open Office Space Best Practices

Why is this topic important?

  • 70% of the US workforce is in an open office environment.
  • The key to success is a good mix of spaces for different activities
  • Distribution of work time (according to Business Week, July 2013):
    • ½ time in focused work
    • ¼ time in collaborations
    • ¼ time allocated to learning, socializing and other tasks

Objective of this Program: Provide people with the skills to work productively in an Open Office Space Environment.

  • Setting a useful perspective.
    • A move to open offices constitutes major change.
    • The group examines the data and reactions to change and the need to adapt.
    • We summarize both benefits and challenges to working in an Open Space office environment.
  • Learning the seven keys to productivity and best practices for working successfully within this environment.
    • Respect for others is the number one core value in successfully coexisting in an open office culture.
    • This program candidly addresses the annoying habits that drive people crazy in an Open Office environment and how to deal with them.
  • Obtaining the primary team benefits of an open office environment through more collaboration and interaction with one another.
    • As a group, participants begin the process of establishing Open Office Space “neighborhood” protocols around privacy, interruptions, smells, noise, meeting rooms, cleanliness, etc.
    • With more “togetherness,” the Who’s Who in the Zoo communication technology is taught so participants learn to communicate more effectively with one another.
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