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The Influence Model*

Influence and Leadership
One measure of leadership effectiveness is the degree to which the leader intentionally adapts his or her style to the task-related readiness of the person on the receiving end of influence.  Doing this one thing achieves more predictable outcomes.

The Program
The program is designed to enable leaders to become much more intentional about using appropriate leadership styles. Paula Mulford delivers this workshop in affiliation with LRI, which is licensed to teach the Hershey Leadership Influence Model. The Leadership Influence Model, considered by many to be the most effective approach developed to date, has four major components:

  • Assessing readiness by task, not by person
  • Determining task-related readiness by combining a person’s skill (ability) and will (desire) to do a task.
  • Selecting a leadership style based on the level of readiness
  • Applying the model through the use of exercises, a game, and skill practice involving real life leadership challenges

Assessment Provides Feedback for Participants
To make the dialog and content more meaningful to the participants, a Leadership Style Assessment Analysis is administered to all participants prior to the workshop, so that everyone will:

  • Understand their own natural proclivities in managing and influencing.
  • Learn which is their “go to” style and whether they have to propensity to “overlead” or to “underlead.”
  • Be able to compare themselves to organizational averages.

*Note: This topic is delivered in affiliation with Leadership Research Institute (LRI).

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