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The Power of Feedback

The Importance Feedback
Most leaders score very poorly on giving and receiving feedback. This is because there are very few excellent role models on how to ask for personal feedback as well as how to deliver feedback that stimulates personal and professional growth. Most companies don’t emphasize the importance of this leadership skill.

This program is designed to raise your level of consciousness about making feedback one of your leadership priorities. You will learn how to deliver feedback that fosters professional growth and builds your personal credibility while increasing the company’s productivity.

Objectives of Program

  • Understand the importance of giving and receiving feedback both for your own professional development and for the professional development of those you lead.
  • Build skill in delivering both positive and constructive feedback.
  • Intentionally apply Who’s Who in the Zoo “technology to feedback.
  • Learn and practice the seven principles for feedback.
  • Commit to one professional developmental action.
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